Artist Quality

From small business and club logos, to larger designs for fashion labels. I have designed, digitized and produced a range of high quality embroideries for a range of clients.
My price for digitizing a design, and producing the initial sample is £40, the cost of the production for further embroideries will be discussed after the initial sample has been produced, as then I know exact timings. I prefer to work this way to make sure you (the client) are not over charged!



To schools and groups...

From being an Embroiderer's Guild Graduate, and now Scholar, I have had the opportunity talk to groups, and schools about my journey to becoming a designer, my design process, and my embroidery techniques. This is something I love to do, so please contact me if you're interested in having me visit to share my story and work!


Drawing, Sewing, and Embroidered Jewellery!

There are all kinds of techniques that I love to use in my work, development experiments, and free time. These include a range of ways to push your drawings and design development further, also I love to experiment with a range of stitching techniques using a domestic machine, then the possibility of transforming these exciting samples into wearable art!



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