Creating Texture and Colour Mixes

The free machine workshops, focus on experimenting with a range of colour mixing, and textural stitch techniques, using your domestic machine.

Techniques include:

         Wip stitch

         Mixing stitch patterns to create texture


We then use these techniques to either create a  3D piece of framed artwork or a brooch/piece of jewellery.


Designing with a computer

In my digital embroidery workshops, you will learn the basics of the Wilcom Embroidery Studio Software. Then, with the skills learnt, you will design and create anything of your choice. This part is much easier if you come with an idea/project you want to incorporate digital stitch into.

Then everyone will have the chance to stitch their designs out on my 6 needle Brother machine. Dependant on time, and the size of the group. We might have to restrict size of embroidery. I do recommend 2 day workshops for bigger groups to enable more stitching time!

Drawing 1.jpg


Growing a Design

My drawing workshop helps get people out of their comfort zone when it comes to designing. By learning how to grow a design, pulling together contrasting elements, to create a detailed flowing illustration.

By only drawing with pen, we encourage participants not to worry about making mistakes, and to incorporate accidents into their design. We also play with scale, by starting in the centre of a large piece of paper, we see how big the design can grow, and how many influences we can fit into one design.

We can then mix this with some sewing techniques, or some drawing games, dependant on your preference!

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